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Picking the Right Fit for your Dress Shirt

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As much as the fashion industry is more focused on the collection of women and girls, young and older men still have a section dedicated to them. It is also clear that men care about how they look, even its current trends do not suggest so.

A key area of concern for them is their dress shirts or fashion shirts. It is one of the most commonly worn male garment, and also one of the most visible. They are presented in many different styles in the market for your selection. You only need to know how to pick the right one. Most importantly, you need to know how to select the right fit. Nothing looks as bad as a new and expensive dress shirt that is ill-fitting. Whatever looks you were aiming for, you will have missed spectacularly.

There is the classic fit to think of. It shall offer a more comfortable fit for all areas of your arms and torso. It used to be the most desired fit in the past since it used to be covered with a jacket all the time. There was the element of it being slightly too loose fitting. It nowadays works best for those who wish to flatter their larger or muscular body types.

There is also the slim fit type. This is ideal for those with slender body shapes. Do not go for it if you have a bulging belly. The shirt shall fit much closer to your body. It, however, remains comfortably close, not stifling. It looks great without a jacket on. You, however, will not move as freely as you would like.

There is a sort of middle ground to the contemporary fit. This one is not as loose as the classic fit, and yet not as snug as the slim fit. You can wear it without a jacket and still move about more and with comfort. As you can imagine, it works best for those who have an average body shape and type.

When you consider these fits, it becomes clear that you need to take an objective look at your body before settling on the most appropriate fit. A good way to know if the fit works for you is also try on a sample. Where the cuffs ride up your arm, the sleeves shall be too short. If at the same time the cuffs hang around your hand when you release your arm, the sleeves are too long.

There are even more tips you can rely on to help you pick the right dress shirt for you. You can also check out this impressive collection of dress shirts on this site:

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